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Fernwood Parish Council


What is a Parish Council?

A Parish Council is a small local authority and its Councillors are elected for 4 years.  It is community based and the most accessible tier of local government.  Fernwood Parish Council has 7 Councillors who try to ensure that the views of the community are taken into account by the authorities, agencies and organisations that make legislation and take decisions on services and issues affecting the community.  The Councillor's live within the community and it is easy to contact both them and the Parish Clerk.  This area was previously part of the Balderton Parish.  More information on the Parish Electoral arrangements can be found here.

Parish Councils have a number of formal powers and using these Fernwood Parish Council is responsible for the community assets which are list in the "Asset Register" but the most notable of these is the Village Hall.

We often talk about something "belonging to the Parish Council" but that really means that it belongs to the people of the Parish.

The Parish Council responds to and adds comments on planning applications, structure plans and government consultation documents. It comments on all planning applications in the Parish.  Newark & Sherwood District Council then make a decision, hopefully taking into account the Parish Council's views, although this is not always the case. The Parish Council has been heavily involved in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Parish Councils do not receive government grants, so raise their income form a precept, which is a tax the electors pay as part of their Council Tax Bill.

The Parish Council is also involved in Crime Prevention measures and initiatives that will improve the quality of life for residents and is therefore in regular contact with the PCSOs for the area.


The busy A1 trunk road runs through the Parish to the West. The east coast main railway line between London and Edinburgh also skirts the Parish, the nearest station stop being in Newark

You can find contact details for the Parish Councillors and the office, together with details of all meetings and the minutes on this website.

There is also up to date news on issues affecting the parish.

A map of Fernwood Central can be found here.