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Woodland Purchase Update

By Parish Clerk Fernwood Parish Council

Wednesday, 20 January 2021


Fernwood Parish Council Contributor


In preparation, Fernwood Parish Council commissioned a full tree survey for the woodland and negotiating in good faith, reached agreement in principle with the current owner to acquire the land on behalf of Fernwood residents as a community asset. On this basis the council launched a consultation exercise with residents on the 5th January regarding the purchase, prior to the consultation feedback being reviewed and a decision being taken at the next council meeting on the 18th January.

On the 11th January, the owner contacted the council to say that the large majority of the open space within the purchase had been sold to residents and was being withdrawn from the proposed sale to the council. Fernwood Parish Council has decided that the withdrawal of this open space from the proposed purchase significantly reduces the range of options for making the area a viable community asset. The council would be left with the costs identified in the tree survey, the cost for upgrading some of the paths and lights in the area which are currently not adopted by Nottinghamshire County Council and the improved maintenance of the woodland area, but without the benefit of the open space.

On this basis, Fernwood Parish Council has decided that the purchase of the remaining land is not in the best interests of the residents and has withdrawn from the purchase. Whilst disappointing, Fernwood Parish Council would like to thank all the residents who have responded to the consultation. Some questions were raised regarding costs, but the response was overwhelmingly positive towards acquiring this land as a community asset.

Additional Information

Consultation results are available on the Council website: Results

There were several questions resulting from the consultation. Answers are available on the Council website: Responses

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