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Tidying up Parish Council Woodland

By Parish Clerk Fernwood Parish Council

Thursday, 26 May 2022


Fernwood Parish Council Contributor


Following Fernwood Parish Council's notice regarding the Parish Council taking ownership of the Woodland behind Fernwood Day Nursery, we have been making arrangements to ensure the area is looked after.

From the photos below you will see the difference on the condition of the paths. Malcolm who works for the Parish Council has spent a lot of time clearing them for us.

Newark and Sherwood District Council will start cutting the verges on behalf of the Parish Council this week and mowing will continue fortnightly during the growing season.

The tree survey that the Parish Council commissioned at the end of 2020 detailed that ten trees were recommended for removal due to either impaired structural or physiological condition, the timescales for felling varying from 1 month to 5 years. The previous owner had 2 of these felled due to the immediate need to remove the trees at the time. Many of the trees have large amount of deadwood present in the crown which in due course will fall, this will be removed when in proximity to public areas. We have commissioned our contractor to apply to Newark and Sherwood District Council to do the necessary work as there is a Tree Protection Order on the trees in the area.

Two bins and one dog bin have been ordered and we will get these installed as soon as possible. We have commissioned our contractor to repair the lights and they will be fixed as soon as the fittings have been delivered.

After the Platinum Jubilee event, we will look to start organising a community group, so we can work with volunteers to look after the area including activities such as bat box making. When we first consulted on this area, we asked for details of people who were interested in getting involved with an action group for the area – we will be getting in touch with everyone who said yes and anyone else who would like to get involved - to register your interest please email [email protected]

Fernwood Parish Council is committed to looking after the area in a way which is best for maintaining the natural habitat for flora and fauna. If you have any queries, please email [email protected]. We will compile a list of any questions raised and publish these on our website and share them to local social media pages.

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