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What we do


Local Authority -  Parish councils are the first tier of local government in England.  They deliver a range of services at a community level and their role is to represent the local community, provide services to meet local needs and improve quality of life and community wellbeing. As the authority closest to the people, we are invariably the first port of call people go to with their concerns or ideas. For more information on what Parish Councils can do the following website is a good place to look:


So what does Fernwood Parish Council do?


Campaign for the rights of Freeholders to have the same rights under the Law as Leaseholders on a managed estate.



We send out a village magazine to all homes and businesses in Fernwood twice a year. The Fernwood Gazette is produced for April and October. Local groups and businesses are encouraged to contribute to make this as useful and informative as possible. We regularly update our Facebook page and the 2 local Facebook pages on our activities and share updates from third parties that may be of use to Fernwood residents. 



Newark and District Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and other public bodies consult with the Parish Council on many things. The main ones being planning applications and strategies. We also consult with Fernwood Residents.


Dale Crescent Green

The Parish Council owns and maintains the green surrounded by Dale Crescent.



The Parish Council pays for the supplies needed to maintain these. We are grateful to the residents who regularly check them on a voluntary basis.


Dog Waste Bins

The Parish Council owns all the dog waste bins in central Fernwood. Newark and Sherwood District Council are contracted to empty the bins on behalf of the Parish Council. All bins are emptied at least weekly. There is second collection each week on the bins on Dale Way, Apple Avenue, Hollowdyke Lane and Restfil Way/Camdale Lane. We make regular checks on the bins to maintain them; if you spot an issue, please contact the Parish Council office and we will get it rectified. Email [email protected] or call 01636 613024.


Gritting and Grit Bins

Fernwood Parish Council owns and maintains four grit bins in the village. These are blue and are located on the following streets:

1.Blackberry Way

2.Dale Crescent

3.Hunters Road, next to the school entrance

4.Young's Avenue

If you believe it would be beneficial to install a new bin or if you spot an issue with one of the bins, email [email protected] or call 01636 613024. Yellow grit bins are owned and maintained by Nottinghamshire County Council.



There are many different local councils, service providers and organisations in Fernwood. Sometimes it is unclear who does what. The Information/Contact tab of this website has lots of links to help residents find who they need to contact. Alternatively, email [email protected] or call 01636 613024 and we will try to assist.


The Council meets on the third Monday of each month (apart from August and December when we don’t meet) at Fernwood Village Hall. These meetings are open to the public so everyone can see the work of the Parish Council. At the beginning of every meeting we hold a public forum where people can raise issues with the Councillors. Agendas are published approximately a week before the meetings and are available on this website and the Council's Facebook page. They are also shared to local Facebook pages. Draft minutes are usually published a week after the meeting but are not formally agreed until the next meeting. All minutes and the latest agenda can be found on our noticeboards and on this website.


Representative for Fernwood

The Parish Council is often contacted about problems which are not the Council's responsibility to fix but the Council will try to help if possible. An example being potholes; although the Parish Council is not responsible for the roads, we do have contacts with the authority that does and can work with them to get problems such as these addressed. 

This is a large part of the Parish Clerk's work - liaising with other local authorities, service providers and businesses in the interest of the village. The Parish Council Action Plan  which is available through the Parish Council Documents area of this website (click policies and procedures) has the current year's action plan and Parish Council meeting minutes include any updates on activity.

With new developments being undertaken around the village we hold regular liaison meetings with the developers and work with them to tackle any issues.


Village Hall

The Parish Council manages Fernwood Village Hall. It is owned by Newark and Sherwood District Council but we are in the process of transferring ownership to the Parish Council. For more details see the Village Hall tab.



The Parish Council has recently purchased the woodland behind Fernwood Day Nursery. We aim to preserve the area for flora and fauna with activities for the community to help with this.